Isolation boards in high density XPS coated,

on both sides, with fiber mesh and

cement mortar structure.

Simple, easy, fast, creative.
Main features of perfiboard boards
Easy to cut
It’s easy to cut and shape.
Thermal & acoustic
Waterproof insulation resistent

Fungus resistant

Fast installation & manipulation
Various sizes
Diferent thickness available
Ecological and economic.

Good support to ceramic tiles and natural stones.

Perfect for interior renovation, green spaces and partition walls.

To wet places and bathrooms.

To modular construction with PVC special accessories and metal connectors.

The boards can be applied in all house divisions, it’s only a matter of creativity.

Building Board.Easy to work. Solutions for the future.

simple steps . quick results
Perfiboard in every division
For walls and floors
For bathroom
Inside and
outside .