Manufactured in high density XPS coated, on both sides,
with fiber mesh and cement mortar structure.

  • Ecological and economic.
  • Good support to ceramic tiles and natural stones.
  • Perfect for interior renovation, green spaces and partition walls.
  • To wet places and bathrooms.
  • To the modular construction with PVC special accessories and metal connections.

Easy to work.
Solutions for the future.
Building Boards.

Waterproof system for Spas and Sauna.
With a simple and fast installation.

U&L System.

The L and U boards has different applications, such as cables or pipes passage indoor and outdoor, shelves.


Cladding solution for bathtub. Easy, fast, creative.


Building boards for several applications.

Floors & Ceiling.

For several kinds of surfaces and ceiling coverings.

Inside & Outside.

Walls insulation coverings.